Comprehensive Reconstructive Surgery in Princeton, NJ

Scars from the past don’t have to affect your beauty and confidence when you choose services from Princeton Plastic Surgery Associates. We offer various types of reconstructive surgery in Princeton, NJ, including laser treatments for scars as well as other procedures such as post-mastectomy reconstruction. Our highly rated plastic surgeon, Dr. Drimmer, has more than 36 years of experience giving his patients the chance to take back their lives and move forward with improved looks and confidence. Schedule a consultation to discover how Dr. Drimmer can improve your life.

Common Reconstruction Procedures

Injuries, illnesses, and accidents leave scars that can be constant reminders of things best forgotten. For many, reconstructive procedures are a miracle that can help them feel normal once again. No matter what condition has lowered your confidence, choosing plastic surgery can help change your life.

Our gifted plastic surgeon has received multiple “Top Doctor” awards from peers and publications. He is renowned for providing outstanding results as well as offering a caring and individualized experience for each of his patients. He has extensive experience with a wide range of procedures, including breast reconstruction surgery, scar tissue recovery, and deformity reconstruction.

Post-Mastectomy Reconstruction

Many women choose to undergo a mastectomy due to breast cancer. While a mastectomy is a vital health procedure, the resulting appearance can impact a woman’s confidence. By going through breast reconstruction after a full or partial mastectomy, you will create a natural look that leaves you feeling more comfortable in your body.

Scar Revision

While wounds eventually heal, they often leave behind scars on any part of the body. In many cases, it can feel like all eyes are on these scars. After an injury, surgery, accident, or burn, minimize and improve the appearance of scars by turning to a plastic surgeon for treatment. Dr. Drimmer is available to do away with these unsightly marks, making it possible for you to face the world without self-esteem concerns.

Ear Deformity Reconstruction (Traumatic and


Repair ear deformities and improve the appearance of these organs with a procedure from Dr. Drimmer. He offers service options for those dealing with a deformity caused by a traumatic or congenital condition.

Hand Defect and Deformity Reconstruction

You use your hands each day for a range of activities. Repair problems caused by defects of the hand with the services available from Dr. Drimmer. Whether the defect is natural, or is the result of a severe injury, reconstructive surgery can help you solve a series of issues.

Skin Cancer Reconstruction

Skin cancer has grown to become one of the most-common forms of cancer. After a mole or other lesion is removed from the skin, the remaining tissue can be altered in appearance as a result of the removal procedure. Preserve normal tissue and restore the appearance of the skin with reconstructive surgery from Dr. Drimmer.

Contact our practice in Princeton, New Jersey, for more on your surgical options. Dr. Drimmer offers treatments for patients throughout the area.