Enhance Your Appearance and Confidence with Cosmetic Surgery in Princeton, NJ

There are sayings which state that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and “beauty is only skin deep.” They are often uttered by well-meaning people, but when you step back and consider those platitudes, the one thing to keep in mind is that we all must be happy with our own looks. If there’s an area of your appearance you wish was a bit different or you are considering a change, that’s the time to seek out options for cosmetic surgery in Princeton, NJ.

Dr. Dimmer and the staff at Princeton Plastic Surgery Associates offer a broad range of surgeries to positively affect whichever aspect of your physical self you wish to enhance.

Options for Areas of Concern

There are many surgeries offered at our clinic, and we have done all of them many times. Breast augmentation is a popular choice which improves breast shape, contour, and size and is used to correct symmetry. Breast reduction surgery reduces size and heaviness and helps with back problems, while breast lifts remove excess skin and tighten surrounding tissue to reshape and correct breast profile.

Reveal the Beauty of Your True Self

There comes a time when some people look in the mirror and say “My outside doesn’t match the real me inside.” That’s when those people begin to consider a face lift. At Princeton Plastic Surgery Associates we provide this procedure to help clients capture the true appearance which lies beneath the visible signs of aging.

Diets and trips to the gym are options for reducing the waistline, but they are time-consuming and not always effective, no matter how much effort is invested. A tummy tuck is a dependable way to attain the waistline you desire. They are very useful to correct post-pregnancy shape or other weight-loss issues.

One more procedure aimed to shape and slim is liposuction. This removes excess fat to reduce the size of specific areas.

In addition to these procedures, clients can also take advantage of eyelid surgery and nose surgery at our clinic. Eyelid surgery focuses on improving tired looking eyes or baggy skin while nose surgery improves appearance and proportion.

End result of a face lift in Princeton, NJ.

Popular Cosmetic Surgeries

Princeton Plastic Surgery Associates offers a wide variety of cosmetic surgical procedures designed to make you look and feel your best inside and out including tummy tuck procedure. Popular cosmetic surgeries performed by Dr. Drimmer include:

Breast Augmentation

Correct asymmetry, improve the shape, contour and/or size

Breast Reduction

Living with large breasts can lead to a number of health and confidence-related issues. The heavy weight frequently causes back problems and discomfort. By going through breast reduction, you will reduce the size of the breasts, preventing pain from occurring.

Breast Lift

Remove excess skin, reshape and tighten surrounding tissue. Corrects breast profile

Tummy Tuck

Achieve desired waistline. Correct post pregnancy or weight loss related abdominal issues

Face Lift

Removes visible signs of aging and loose skin of
the face and neck

Eyelid Surgery

Eliminates loose skin above and/or below the eyes,
improves tired looking eye or baggy skin

Nose Surgery

Improves the appearance and proportion
of the nose


Remove excess fat to slim and reshape
specific areas

Contact our clinic today to schedule an appointment which will reveal your true beauty. We proudly serve clients in Princeton, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas.