Reconstructive Surgery in Princeton, NJ

Illnesses, deformities, and accidents leave scars which can be constant reminders of an affliction. For many, plastic surgery, either reconstructive or cosmetic, is a miracle that will help them feel normal once again. For more than 36 years, Dr. Drimmer has been providing reconstructive surgery in Princeton NJ, which has given his patients the chance to take back their lives and move forward with a new and improved outlook as well as an enhanced appearance.

Common Reconstruction and Repair Procedures

Our gifted plastic surgeon has received multiple "Top Doctor" awards from peers and publications and is renowned for providing not only outstanding results including mammoplasty services but also a highly caring and individualized experience from start to finish and beyond. Some of the most common reconstruction and repair procedures offered by Dr. Drimmer include:

Breast Reduction

Reduce size, heaviness of breasts and prevent back problems from occurring

Post-Mastectomy Reconstruction

Rebuild the breast after a full or partial Mastectomy

Scar Revision

Minimize and improve the appearance of scars resulting from injury, surgery, accident or burn

Ear Deformity Reconstruction (Traumatic & Congenital)

Repair ear deformities and improve the appearance

Hand Defect and Deformity Reconstruction

Repair problems caused by defects of the hand

Skin Cancer Reconstruction

Preserve normal tissue and restore the
appearance of the skin